Osmo maintenance kit

  • A professional, ready-to-use system for the maintenance of oiled wooden floors
  • Suitable for softwood and hardwood flooring
  • Perfect for floors finished with Osmo and other hard wax floor oils


Osmo Floor Maintenance Kit contains everything needed for the upkeep and maintenance of oiled wooden floors, especially those finished with hardwax oils from the Osmo  range.
  1. Osmo Wash and Care 1L is a concentrated floor cleaner, specifically formulated for waxed and oiled wooden floors
  2. Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner Spray 400ml is an easy-to-use spray cleaner which regenerates wooden surfaces that have previously been waxed or oiled
  3. Cleaning Cloths: This kit comes with 3 soft, lint-free cleaning cloths, perfect for applying and buffing the products included within the kit
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