Black ground

Possible formats and measurements:
  • Chevron 45 degrees: 12x140x520mm, 12x140x820 mm , 15x140x660mm 
  • Chevron 60 degrees: 12x140x550mm ,12x140x850 mm, 15x140x690 mm
  • Herringbone 90 degrees: 12x140x595mm, 12x140x895mm, 15x140x720mm
  • Boards: 12x140x1200-1800, 15x180x1200-2400, 15x220x1800-2400 mm, 18.5x240x1800-2400 mm, 20.5x260x1800-2400 mm, 20.5x300x1800-2400 mm
Gradings:  Select, Classic, Rustic
Surface: sanded, brushed, sawn marks
Coating UV oil.             
smart foreash
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